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Chris Holmsted Larsen

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FMKJ er en national forskerskole, der:
• Arrangerer ph.d.-kurser på
- internationalt niveau,
• Er vært for internationale
- gæsteforskere,
• Uddeler stipendier til skolens
- studerende,
• Har indstillingsret til
- Forskningsrådet for Kultur og
- Kommunikation.

About FMKJ

The Danish National Research School for Media, Communication, and Journalism (FMKJ)

FMKJ is a national centre for doctoral research in media, communications, and journalism studies.

The Research School’s over-arching goal is to define of the scope of doctoral studies within media, communications, and journalistic research, at an advanced international level. This is accomplished by holding course activities within these fields at the international level, through a solidly grounded Nordic doctoral studies collaborative, and the ongoing development of international cooperation, as well as a through a focus on networking and the high-quality guidance of PhD students.

FMKJ is organized as an interdisciplinary network with a focus on the  humanities and social sciences facets of media and communications sciences. FMKJ covers all the humanities and social sciences aspects of media and communications studies. This includes the methodological, theoretical, historical, analytical, and communications aspects of print media, radio, TV, film, computer media, the internet, journalism, and organizational and business communications, as well as instruction and media. The Research School is interdisciplinary and scientific in its approach, and draws on sociological, cultural, aesthetic, and linguistic traditions in media sciences and communications.

The Research School is directed Poul Erik Nielsen, associate professor of Information and Media Sciences at Aarhus University, together with a board and a council of representatives, which are composed of teachers and PhD students from the institutes and departments, and who are members of the School of Research.

Courses and other activities

One of FMKJ’s most important activities is its presentation of courses to PhD students. The course activities primarily serve to provide the PhD students with academic input and an opportunity to discuss individual  perspectives with others, while providing a good framework for networking.

FMKJ annually holds 5-10 PhD courses and master classes with international and Danish speakers, in which the PhD students have the opportunity to participate in intensive sequences of academically relevant subjects. Seminars typically run 1-4 days, and alternate between lectures and more the workshop-driven presentations of relevant papers being developed.

A number of the courses are delivered jointly by a Nordic cooperative, and some take place in collaboration with other Danish research institutes and centres for doctoral research.

Participation in FMKJs courses is free, and as a member one’s expenses for travel and FMKJ course-related expenses are covered.

FMKJ also wishes to strengthen the interdisciplinary network among the PhD students at the School of Research, which, among other things, supports an introductory and a network seminar each year. FMKJ students additionally have the opportunity, both individually and in groups, to seek support for various activities that sustain networking and optimal peer supervision. FMKJ students can receive support for travel expenses related to participation in PhD defenses in the FMKJ setting.

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