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FMKJ er en national forskerskole, der:
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- Kommunikation.

Discourse approaches to leadership, with Gail Fairhurst

  • Copenhagen Business School, Department of Intercultural Communication and Management, 14-16 April 2010
Course description
  • This course focus on contemporary discourse and communication approaches to leadership. In particular, it highlights leadership as proces. Drawing rhetoric, psychology and social constructionism, the course outlines and discusses issues such as leadership as persuasion, the social construction of leadership, the dialectics of leadership and discursive leadership.
  • Gail Fairhurst is professor of  Communication at the University of Cincinatti, Ohio, USA. She is author of Discursive Leadership – In Conversation with Leadership Psychology (Sage 2007) and The Art of Framing: Managing the Language of Leadership (1997).


  • 14-16 April 2010
  • Professor Dan Kärreman, Copenhagen Business School
  • Associate Professor Dorte Salskov-Iversen, Copenhagen Business School
ECTS value
  • With paper: 3 ECTS
  • Without paper: 1½ ECTS

Course enrolment and application deadline

  • The course application, including a 1-page project outline, should be sent by email no later than 1 February 2010 to the FMKJ office at
  • Participants who want to present a paper (10-12 pages) for feedback must submit the paper by 26 February.

  • Registration form available at

Costs and practical matters

The Danish Research School FMKJ covers all participation expenses (travel, meals, accommodation) for doctoral students who are enrolled members of FMKJ.

Doctoral students from other national or international institutions are encouraged to participate. They will have to pay their own travel and accommodation costs, and a fee of app.DKK 1000 to cover all meals, coffee, etc. during the course. The course itself is offered free of charge.

Participants are expected to find accommodation for themselves, although the FMKJ secretary can suggest suitable hotels. All meals will be provided, including dinner on site or in the city.

For questions about practical arrangements, please contact the FMKJ secretary Chris Holmsted Larsen at

For questions about course content and organization, please contact Professor Dan Kärreman, CBS, at

Course readings

Course readings will be made available 1 month before the course, with required reading and suggested literature for the Ph.D. course. Students are expected to have read the literature before the beginning of the course.

  • Barge, J. K. & Fairhurst, G. T. (2008). Living leadership: A systemic, constructionist approach. Leadership, 4, 227-251.
  • Collinson, D. L. (2005). Dialectics of leadership. Human Relations, 58, 1419-1442.
  • Craig, R. J. & Amernic, J. H. (2004). Enron discourse: The rhetoric of a resilient capitalism. Critical perspective on accounting, 15, 813-851.
  • Fairhurst, G. T. (2007). Discursive leadership: In conversation with leadership psychology. Thousand Oaks: Sage.
  • Fairhurst, G. T. & Grant, D. (In press). The social construction of leadership: A sailing guide. Management Communication Quarterly.
  • Grint, K. (2005). Problems, problems, problems: The social construction of “leadership”. Human Relations, 58, 1467-1494.
  • Kelly, S. (2008). Leadership: A categorical mistake? Human Relations, 61, 763-782.
  • Leonardi, P. M. (2008). Indeterminacy and the discourse of inevitability in international technology management. Academy of Management Review, 33, 975-984.

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